When it comes to hair extensions, one of the things Aveda taught me was that virgin hair is touted as being the best kind of hair extension there is on the planet. Virgin hair experts and avid hair extensions users say that the upper echelon of the hair is occupied by virgin hair extensions. Every hair expert will tell you straight out that when it comes to purchasing hair extensions, your best bet is to invest in virgin hair from Diamond Dynasty.

However, on the other hand, the pricier hair extensions that virgin hair extensions typically are, seem too exorbitant among novice hair extensions buyers. This boils down to lack of knowledge of what virgin hair is and what it has to offer. It is important to have an intricate understanding of virgin hair and what makes it so special to warrant your hard earned money. You need to have a full understanding of the advantages that you accrue from using virgin hair extensions as opposed to other types of hair extensions and that of lace frontal wigs. As such, herein we will explore the question of what is virgin hair?

What is Virgin Hair?

When you go to beauty school, they teach you that virgin hair is 100% human hair that has been sourced from a signal donor, and that it is entirely natural and chemically unprocessed. By being sourced from a signal donor, the hair has a more consistent texture and, therefore, is of far better quality than other types of hair you can buy in a salon.

As for treatment that the hair has undergone, virgin hair is hair that has not been treated in any way or form. To this end, this type of hair is bleach-free, dye-free, perm-free, and has not been subjected to hard-washing with tough chemicals. These qualities ensure that the hair is strong from the onset of harvesting.

Advantages Of Virgin Hair

The number one advantage that comes with having virgin hair is exceptional longevity. Since the hair donors are required to take good care of their hair, making sure to keep their hair free of any chemical treatments, this type of hair is inherently super strong. As such, when you invest in virgin hair extensions and virgin hair bundles, you are assured of long lasting hair extensions.

Additionally, since the hair has not gone through a slew of chemical treatments, it offers it’s user (you the buyer) immense flexibility. Essentially, having virgin hair means you can dye, bleach, or perform any other kind of treatment that you need. This is unique only to virgin hair as the vast majority of other types of hair extensions should not be treated.

How To Test Hair To Determine It Is Virgin Hair

The best way to determine whether hair is virgin or not is to conduct a burn test. Yes! You need to burn the hair as a test. Well, not all of it of course! A few strands of hair will suffice. Take a few random strands of hair and burn them. If the hair burns to ashes, it will prove that it is human hair and thus virgin hair. However, if the strands melt, it shows the strands are not virgin hair strands and are synthetic hair strands, which are used as filler strands in regular hair extensions. You can conduct other tests to determine whether the hair has undergone chemical treatments, but I’ll have to cover that in another article.

Another way to avoid knock-off virgin hair is to purchase from credible vendors ONLY like Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair that has been featured in INC. and Crunchbase. They’ve also been featured as one of the best virgin hair extension companies on the web, so you know you’re going to get a quality virgin hair extension product with them.

As for the hair extension companies you should avoid, well, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I’ll just say that you should avoid wholesale virgin hair vendors at all costs.

You can be sure that sourcing virgin hair is not an easy affair as not many donors are able to keep their hair up to virgin hair standards. Additionally, not many women are willing to donate their hair towards people in the United States that want to by them. After all, if you own the best Brazilian virgin hair in the world, would you really want to sell it? As such, wholesale Brazilian virgin hair is quite difficult to find, if not impossible. If you do happen to find some, please let me know and I’ll try it out for you!…

Did you know that the vast majority of virign hair suppliers simply find the hair they sell in peanut butter jars? It’s disgusting and it’s true! LOL. Would’t that be disgusting?! Seriously! Getting peanut butter in your hair is bad enough, but getting hair from peanut butter is beyond belief. Anyway, thanks for reading my ridiculous blog post on how virign hair is often found in peanut butter jars and used around the world to make women look amazing 🙂